SBS is working with Birziplastic and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/ EHU) to develop a pilot plant for valorising plastics, using pyrolysis to turn them into bio-fuel. The ultimate goal is to build a plant capable of valorising all the complex thermoplastics in Bizkaia. The future plant will be able to process around 2000 tpa.

Pyrolysis is the heat degradation of a substance in the absence of oxygen. It involves breaking down substances with heat without setting off combustion reactions. This enables waste containing thermoplastic to be turned into bio-fuel in this specific case.

SBS’s HECO technology, which will be used at the plant, is more versatile and cheaper than other technologies used in processes of this type.

Its characteristic movement is markedly beneficial for the transfer of material and energy, which translates into a drastic reduction in the energy needed in the process and savings in process costs. HECO enables yields of over 80% to be obtained for bio-fuel at the plant.