Solving waste management problems and valorising waste that cannot currently be recycled are just two of the advantages of the technology developed by Bizkaia-based company Spouted Bed Solutions (SBS). This company, founded in May 2020, is a spin-off of more than ten years of cooperation between Novattia Desarrollos and the Catalytic Processing and Waste Valorisation research group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). It is headed by Aitor Pablos, from Santurtzi, whose PhD thesis enabled the work done over the years to be transferred from the laboratory to a pilot plant. The aim now is to validate and showcase the technology. To that end, two plants are under construction on the Leioa campus.

HECO technology (an acronym for High-Efficiency COntact), enables waste to be reused as raw materials, inertised or used to produce alternative fuels. It has interior systems that, due to their movement, make the transfer of matter and energy “much more efficient.” It is capable of processing waste of all types, whatever its origin and shape/composition, and it uses up to 40% less energy in doing so, thus making for lower production costs than with other options. Mr. Pablos states that its advantages include “95% energy efficiency, and the products obtained are also better. It works when other systems do not, and it runs better with complicated materials”. The company is firmly committed to quality, the environment, sustainability and R&D&i, and seeks to become a key actor in helping its customers to revolutionise waste valorisation .

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