Spouted Bed Solutions

SBS is a company that develops high-efficiency green technology for the heat treatment of waste, seeking to transform waste management to foster sustainable development.

The company develops technologies for solving waste management problems, enabling waste to be reused as raw materials, rendered inert or turned into alternative fuel sources.

SBS is an innovative company with a broad experience in industry, applied processes, technology development and scientific research.

Our history

From research to industry

10 years ago, the challenge of developing new, more efficient technologies for valorising waste brought together Novattia Desarrollos, a company specialized in technology for the efficient, physical treatment of solid waste, and the Catalytic Processes and Waste Valorisation Research Group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

Years of cooperation, blending experience in industrial technology development and scientific research capabilities, resulted in 2018 in the development of the innovative HECO technology for the high-efficiency heat treatment of waste.

A year later, Spouted Bed Solutions (SBS) was founded, based on a firm commitment to quality, the environment, sustainability and R&D&i. The company seeks to become a key actor in helping its customers to revolutionise waste valorisation.

Moving towards zero waste

Our aim is to help you along the path towards achieving zero waste, by developing and implementing technologies that enable waste of all kinds to be valorised and subsequently put back into the production chain.

Research and Industrial Development working as a team

A large, multidisciplinary team.

We have a large team that brings together broad experience in industry, applied processes, technology development and scientific research.

Innovation and teamwork are in our very DNA, and our blend of scientific expertise and experience in industrial development enables us to develop highly efficient waste treatment technologies which are practical and profitable for our customers.

Experience, teamwork and sound values are the keys to our success.

Social and environmental responsibility – Innovation – Quality – Consistency – Teamwork