Coating HECO technology enables products such as fertilisers, medicaments and foodstuffs to be coated more quickly and with lower energy consumption.


Coating is a process used to change the specific properties of the surface of a particle by applying a film that covers its whole surface area. Such processes are used especially in the pharmaceutical and foodstuff processing industries to give the end product specific properties, e.g. to mask its taste, increase protection or enable the active ingredient to be released in a controlled fashion.

The cyclical movement of HECO technology provides an ideal environment for coating particles, and produces an excellent, spherical finish.

More efficient coating services

With an HECO reactor, our technology can be used at any firm that wishes to improve its coating services. The technology can be used in various sectors such as fertilisers, seeds, animal feed and foodstuffs for human consumption.

For more information on other sectors, please contact us for help in finding the best solution.

HECO technology can be used to coat the following materials:

Animal feed
Foodstuffs for human consumption